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Mother - Daughter Compatible

I am a Sag and my daughter is Aries, we are so totally different. Why is that?

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Because people with different sun signs have different characteristics.
2 fire signs, always spells for trouble
i actually think fire signs get along coz they are on the same wave length.
just go with her flow for a while and put your self in her place butdon't imberesss her and cling to her all the time give her some space let her see that your trusting her with alt mor than you use to
its nuthin to do signs,,,,,different pple have various personality
moms and daughters alwaaays fight.
My mom also is an Aquarius, and I'm like a friggin Leo......ok...we just don't match!!!
ever sence my dad died me and my don't get along
My mom is a Scorpio and i am an aquarius, why do we always fight?
my moms boyfriend is a gemini and im a taurus and we never get along?
compatibility can be created when we learn to open up our heart to our mum. fill her in as though she's ur best friend, she'll get to your perspective sooner or later. all the best!
my mom is a sagitarrius and im a harmonious libra but we still fight all the time
Maybe you shouldn't think about your signs, lol, but think about your levels of communication.
My Mother is a Taurus & I am a Aquarius female. We Honestly Get Along Super Great even though our sun signs are incompatible.
My mom is a libra (oct 22) and im a scorpio (nov 01). Best friends yet enemies. Why?
my mom's a cancer and i'm an aquarius and argue to the death. we don't get along ever since her and my dad broke up
its just a mother daughter relationship..
they all work out in the end.
I am a Taurus and am pulling my hair out with my Scorpio daughter. Can you give me some insight?
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